IBM POWER8 – Game-changing Systems!

Last month, IBM announced some game-changing first-generation systems based on new open innovations from the POWER8* processor and system design. These first-generation systems include one- and two-socket servers and the promise of more additions to the Power Systems* family. IBM also introduced new PowerKVM and Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (CAPI) technology.

POWER8 systems have 50% more cores and 2x the number of threads

When you look at the Power Processor Technology Roadmap since 2004, you can see that we regularly get new, more powerful chips. We are almost spoiled. When IBM says it is going to deliver, it does just that, with both new hardware and new OS releases.

There will be much more news and information to come on this powerful new release, so please visit our site regularly for the latest updates!

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