IBM Power7+ – Better Bang for the Buck?

  • IBM

With the recent release of entry and midrange Power7+ machines. IBM is taking some of the aggressive pricing of its PowerLinux Linux-only servers, announced last April (and enhanced throughout the year), and mixing in the extra bang of the Power7+ processors.

This means that not only can IBM compete with X86 iron on price but it can win on performance.

“Big data and cloud technologies that were once only affordable to large enterprises are now available to the masses,” said Rod Adkins, general manager of IBM’s Systems and Technology Group, in a statement put out for the new machines.

With the aggressive pricing IBM has set across the entry Power7+ machines ­ that’s the Power 710+ through to the Power 740+­ and the boost in performance, the new machines offer anywhere from 14 to 60 per cent better bang for the buck than the Power7 machines they replace.

There were a raft of software enhancements also announced on the 5th February – so if you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact me or one of the team and we can bring you up to date!


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