IBM Passport Advantage Price Changes

IBM have announced some changes to Passport Advantage (PA) and Passport Advantage Express (PAX) agreements for customers

The IBM SWG portfolio has become increasingly diverse and complex following many acquisitions and new licensing metrics over the last few years, IBM have had to look at being more flexible in their pricing strategy and price levels.

From January 2013 IBM is moving to a new quoting model which will take into account new price levels and product discounts.  This new pricing structure is based on the whole renewal being placed and renewed on time, which may be lower than the Suggested Retail Price.

When you receive your renew notification from IBM the prices quoted will only be applicable if the total quantity is ordered.  The prices may be effected if you make any changes to your PA or PAX agreement.

January 2013 renewals will be available from 22nd October so if you are concerned about your renewal or would like some advice please contact me on 01306 646669 or send me an email on


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