IBM Enterprise Servers

Recarta Sales Executive, Vaun Thetfore, discusses the wide range of IBM Enterprise Servers on offer and casts his opinion as to why IBM remain the top choice for forward thinking, responsible organisations.

With a huge selection of operating systems, configuration and architecture options, the IBM Enterprise platform delivers excellent performance and high availability for every business operation need. With businesses now expected to operate in both private and hybrid environments the IBM platform focuses on dependability, scalability and security.

For the small to medium sized organisations, demands on every day infrastructure are causing ever increasing pressure on already stretched IT resources. Getting the maximum ROI on the investment placed in IT systems is at the core of these organisations and the IBM platform delivers this whilst providing fantastic performance in both on-premise and data centre critical business applications.

For larger, global organisations that demand scalability and high load performance then the IBM Enterprise platform provides architecture that supports surges in demand without the threat of downtime, whilst providing a multitude of environments such as Hybrid, Multi-Cloud, Blockchain and AI capabilities which enable infinite possibilities for new opportunities.

Calling on decades of experience, the IBM platform assures that mission critical data is safe, secure and available on demand. Offering servers that provide a 100% encryption, so data is protected from internal and external threats whilst delivering a guaranteed uptime on availability.

Whilst the Cloud is prevailing as the business ideal for delivering performance for business applications, pushing the boundaries for analytics and AI and for providing a positive customer experience, the IBM platform excels in providing options for either on-premise or data centre environments that allow for hybrid and cloud space to ensure organisations are open and secure in these changing technologies.

IBM Enterprise servers help organisations of all sizes meet the challenges of supporting existing and expanding applications, data consumption and processes. Choosing the right platform to overcome these challenges means looking for technology that allows for freedom in deployment and ease of use and this means the IBM business servers. IBM development roadmap continues to influence the marketplace. The recent announcement of IBM Power 9, back in March 201, came with strong interest, largely because of the claims that the new processor was ‘ready for the cognitive world’. This new positioning places IBM in a very different space compared to other in the traditional enterprise server space. As organisations start to take a forward look to big data and IoT data consumption, this may prove a wise move.

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