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Identify legacy configuration inefficiencies and tighten up resource spend.


Most AWS environments that have grown organically or been implemented by different consultants lack visibility and proper documentation. Recarta IT can document your environment and give you the visibility to identify configuration drift, unused resource, or configuration anomalies.


Chances are, if your AWS environment has been deployed or managed by several different people, been subject to unplanned expansion or changes, or deployed by a third party, the documentation for the environment is likely to be at best lacking in detail, or at worst outdated, incorrect, or missing. Good documentation is vital not only to understand how an environment works, but also for on-going operational support. This information can then be used to inform decisions about operational procedures, waste identification, architecture optimisation, configuration drift, deviation from best practices, etc.

Thorough API access to your AWS environment, Recarta are able to query the services you are using and record the configuration information associated with them. We can then convert this wealth of information into detailed and meaningful documentation for your environment.

From this documentation you can identify a whole host of potential issues, such as resources deployed to the wrong region, too lenient or incorrect access control lists, orphaned volumes and snapshots, etc.

We can also combine the configuration information from multiple services into custom reports such as a virtual machine centric view detailing volumes used, snapshots applied, and including public IPs as well as network access control lists used. We can also discuss any custom reporting requirements you may have above and beyond the basics.

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If you have inherited an AWS service with no documentation, Recarta can help. Our AWS audit will identify any configuration issues and underutilized resource use. Our AWS audit can provide system administrators with the insight and recommendations to rectify their AWS service. For more information please contact your account manager or call us on 0844 800 7821.

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