End of Support for IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager (SKLM) v2.5 with effect from 30/09/2018.

IBM have just announced the end of support for IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager v2.5.  We highly recommend that you migrate to either v2.6 or preferably v2.7 if you are not already at this version.

IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager v2.7 provides a centralized and automated solution to help strengthen the encryption and key management process throughout the enterprise, minimize the risk of exposure, and reduce operational costs.

New in Security Key Lifecycle Manager v2.7

Security Key Lifecycle Manager is designed to improve the key management capabilities of your organization’s key management infrastructure. The following enhancements help build strategies that are defined to protect data:

  • Supports separation of duties for better alignment with regulatory requirements
  • Provides Device-group key import and export for improved flexibility in key management across multiple organizations
  • Simplifies administrative access, LDAP integration, and device certificate TrustStore management
  • Introduces vendor-agnostic KMIP device integration
  • Offers HSM-based backup and restore of key database
  • Introduction of KMIP Opaque and Suite B profiles

Options available after 30/09/2018 to clients running IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager v2.5 are as follows:

  • Upgrade to v2.6/2.7 to ensure continuity of support/subscriptions and reduction of potential security risks.
  • Remain at the current version but no longer be entitled to support (providing you continue to renew your annual subscriptions you will still have the option to upgrade to v2.6/2.7 when you are ready to do so – but no support will be provided at v2.5.
  • If you remain at v2.5 after the 30/09/2018 and you still require support, then you will need to purchase a Service Extension for the version which you are running – this will provide you with ongoing support in the event of a software failure for a period of up to 2 years.

If you are running v2.5 and you need any help with either a Service Extension or help with migrating to the latest version of IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager please do not hesitate to contact me.

Speak to Recarta today about a Service Extension to keep your business protected or for help with migrating to the latest version of IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager ensuring your business remains up to date with all security patches/updates, therefore preventing any potential exposure to your business.


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