EOS IBM Power 7.2 V3

End of support for IBM Power 7.2

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IBM recently announced there termination of support for IBM Power 7.2. This takes effect from April 30th next year (2020). Like all IBM end of support announcements there is a natural roadmap to follow and upgrade plan. However, it makes sense to understand your on-going support options alongside and upgrade costs/ risks.
If you’d like to discuss your options in more detail speak to one of our certified IBM consultants today.
The announcement will effect a number of products including;-

Program number


Program name

5770-SS17.2.0IBM i
5733-CY37.2.0Cryptographic Device Manager
5733-OMF1.3.0Omnifind Text Search Server for DB2 for i
5770-NLV7.2.0National Languages for IBM i
5770-PT17.2.0Performance Tools
5770-QU17.2.0Query for i
5770-ST17.2.0DB2 Query Mgr and SQL Dev
5770-WDS7.2.0Rational Dev Studio
5770-XW17.2.0IBM i Access Family

What should I do?

If you are an end user of IBM Power 7.2 or any related products affected by the end of support announcement, you have a number of options available to ensure continuation of service and support;

Take no action


Clearly without any support your Platform is under considerable risk. Technology issues & security treats that could arise on the platform will no longer be resolved. This could result in a loss of service and/or data.
If you prefer to take no action at this time, Recarta can help you identify risks and build any business case for future business investment.

Buy 3rd party support 

As an IBM Platinum Partner, Recarta IT can offer Technical Support Services around all aspects of IBM Power 7.2 even if the vendor no longer provides support.

We support many clients with ‘Out of Support’ IBM hardware.

For more information please call Kevin Longmore on 0844 800 7821

Upgrade to 8 

Undertaking any upgrade has the advantage of on-going support. However, any upgrade does require planning to mitigate any risk of downtime of lost data.

Recarta IT can provide specialist expertise to help you with any migration plan. Our certified consultants are experienced in all aspects of IBM hardware upgrade.


Any ‘end of support’ announcement could give rise to consider other hardware options.

Our team of Infrastructure consultants can provide you with impartial advise on your options, related costs and help plan any migration process to mitigate any risk.

Next Steps

End of Support is due to take place in April next year. This leaves only a few months to put in place on-going support or modernisation options.
Speak to Kevin Longmore today to discuss your individual options so a plan is in place before support is withdrawn.