Don’t Wait: Upgrade Your IT Infrastructure Now

It is 2021 finally, and with the new year we could all use a fresh start, including your IT infrastructure. After announcing the next generation POWER processor, we often hear from clients, “oh, I’ll just wait to upgrade my infrastructure until then!” But why wait? There are immediate performance, availability and security benefits to be had by upgrading to POWER9 now. So, to help put clients on the path to POWER10 but also take advantage of POWER9 right away, we are announcing a special offering for our scale-out servers. Available starting today, the IBM Power Systems Flexible Trade Up Offer for the S922 and S924 will help clients upgrade now to POWER9 and then to POWER10 when available at a predictable price. Here are the highlights:

Upgrade Now

Your competitors aren’t waiting to find advantages with technology, and neither should your business. With POWER9, you can save 50% over POWER7 by consolidating workloads and applications on fewer servers. POWER9 also has 2x-4x the memory capacity and 40-50% more performance compared to POWER8, and 8x the I/O bandwidth versus POWER7. With this two-step transition offer, your business and applications can gain these benefits immediately and even more with POWER10 once available.

Budget Predictability

Stay current on technology with no disruption to your budget. With this offering, you’ll save up to 23% versus purchasing POWER9 and POWER10 servers separately. Get ahead on your IT budget planning by locking in the price for POWER10 now with a fixed monthly payment. With that same monthly price, you’ll see a performance improvement of up to 42% for business-critical applications on POWER10.

Ultimate Flexibility

When POWER10 does become available, you can buy out your POWER9 servers, return them back to IBM, or trade them in for additional POWER10 servers. We know planning future capacity requirements can be tricky, especially in the constantly changing world we live in today. If you need additional capacity when POWER10 is available, no problem at all. Your monthly payment can just be adjusted as needed without having to completely restructure a lease agreement.

So why wait for POWER10? Upgrade to POWER9 now at a fixed monthly payment and then to POWER10 when available. To learn more about this offering, contact your IBM Business Partner or Seller and let them know you want to get on this simplified path to POWER10. View 3D demos and learn more about IBM Power Systems here.

By Brandon Pederson

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