Diary of a Recarta New Starter

  • IBM

OK so when I say new, I have been here at Recarta for 8 weeks and slowly starting to understand what this company is all about. This may sound cliché, but it is all about the customer and helping them sort stuff out. It doesn’t matter if it’s a major upgrade to an IBM Power System or an order of toner they are all important. That is refreshing. Being a medium sized supplier of IT, the lines of responsibility are clear and the escalation route simple all of which allows for quick sensible decisions and responsive actions.

What are the three things that have surprised me:-

1. Recarta do more than sell IBMi – They sell a whole range of hardware and software solutions

2. Recarta have deep technical skills They manage the infrastructure for many financial institutions

3. Recarta have a strong services business and host many customer solutions

My job at Recarta is to help build a strong eco-system of partners so that we can add more value to the existing clients and open new doors to clients. More about that next time.

If you are interested on what Recarta could do for you please get in touch.