Are your BackUp and Recovery plans good enough?

These are strange times. The rise of home working has seen a number of issues. Is security tight enough? Can everyone access the applications they need? And, is your back up good enough.

In light of the extended lockdown, we felt now could be a good time for organizations to evaluate their current Backup and recovery capability. Traditional tape back up could prove impossible and become easily remaced with remote management solutions.

An efficient and effective backup solution is vital for any organization. All areas of an operation could be severely compromised if a backup is unable to roll back to previous versions of data and servers. The need for a solid back up policy and appropriate systems in a fragmented work place has never been more vital.

During February, Recarta are offing a Free Backup and Recovery audit. The audit will look at all areas of business risk and how any current backup and recovery policy will protect the business should the worst happen.

The basic principle of the audit is to provide an accurate snapshot of what data is protected and what is not. Could the business remain operable and how long would it would take to get back up a running.

Our Recarta Backup and recovery experts can provide recommendations on how to reduce overall storage costs going forward, improve recovery times and minimize any operational risk.

If you would like to discuss your current Backup and recovery capability with our expert team please call. 0844 800 7821 or email

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