AIX – Still The O/S Leader for Critical Applications

This February marked 35 Years of IBM AIX. For over three decades, AIX has been the cornerstone of mission-critical computing for Enterprise organisations in highly complex industries. Over this time it has continued to evolve introducing a wealth of new hybrid cloud and opensource capabilities. My first introduction to AIX was with version 3.2.5 running on a 7013-590 in the early 90’s. Today it is still providing one of the most stable operating systems for our clients and their critical applications.

As we continue into the “Cloud” era, IBM and AIX are continuing to support and develop the emerging technologies our clients desire. With new requirements and new technology, comes new growth for the IBM AIX platform. Launching in late 2021, AIX Version 7.3 will continue to innovate with enhanced capabilities around resiliency, security, and the scale needed in the Hybrid/Private/Cloud world of the future.

Highlights for AIX 7.3 will include;

  • Enhanced performance for dynamic compute or memory management.
  • Designed for increased levels of compute and larger data storage capacities.
  • Additional enhancements to ensure protection of Data
  • Out-of-the-box ready for automation at scale with Ansible solutions

If you have would like to understand more about the AIX 7.3 upgrade timeline and how you can prepare, please contact us on 0844 800 7821 or speak to your account manager.

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