Why is IBM AS400 Still Relevant?

The IBM AS400 (Application System 400) was introduced in 1988 as a family of mid-range business computing models and has evolved to the present day. Along with the future iterations of the system (IBM iSeries, System i and current Power i Systems), the range is perhaps the most successful business computing platform of all time. The IBM AS400 runs the OS400 operating system and is a successor to the IBM System/34, System/36 and System/38.

As a predecessor family to the IBM iSeries, System i and current Power i Systems, the IBM AS400 name is so well known in business computing, that it is often still used today as a catch-all term for all the hardware and software iterations in the successive families of products to the present day.

The AS400 operating system has had such longevity and has evolved in line with its competitors. The system is renowned for its scale and robustness ( we are still unaware of a report of hacking). Our clients often refer to their AS400 operating platform as the black box that never gets touched. Perfect for financial systems that rarely need upgrading. The platform has gained a reputation for core applications such as banking, stock control and logistics that typically require large amounts of data and are critical to a businesses operation. Additionally, the platform has demonstrated its ability to scale across small departments to multinational enterprises with ease.

There are many installations of IBM AS400 still happily running business applications around the globe. In many cases, Recarta are able to provide hardware and support for these older systems. Recarta can also provide the consultancy, design and the hardware, software and support for upgrading to the latest generation of IBM Power i systems. Thereby keeping the IBM AS400 heritage while leveraging the latest performance and developments in hardware and software.

If you are like so many and have invested in AS400 and are looking to assess your future road map Recarta can help. To speak to an expert infrastructure consultant today please get in touch.

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