From Edge To Cloud: The Healthcare Sector

Despite many UK healthcare organisations and other public sector organisations embracing public cloud to enable digital transformation, over 70% of ICT is estimated to remain on-premises. Many critical services deployed in the public cloud remain dependent on legacy ICT systems to deliver an end-to-end service. Data sovereignty, data gravity, compliance and security remain key priorities in healthcare organisations’ digital strategies, and a ‘lift-and-shift to the cloud’ approach often does not achieve the desired outcomes.

70% of infrastructure and 73%of data remain on-premises.

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As a result, organisations end up with an unplanned hybrid infrastructure that is difficult (and expensive) to manage and also potentially insecure. This is called an ‘unconsciously hybrid’ approach. With the proliferation of IoT and edge technologies, a different, integrated approach is required.


50% of enterprise-managed data will be created and processed at the edge by the year 2025

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Consciously Hybrid

The HPE consciously hybrid approach aims to provide a seamless and flexible approach to hybrid cloud by integrating and managing various platforms from edge to cloud. HPE GreenLake unlocks the full power of your hybrid cloud to drive innovation and efficiency in your healthcare organisation. By integrating low-cost, easy-to-implement cloud services with existing internal IT systems and private clouds, healthcare organisations can streamline operations internally while enhancing app development using AI, ML and analytics in various ways.

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