November Cisco Offering – Save 40% By Switching Support to IBM

IBM are offering up to 40% savings in November if you switch your support from Cisco to IBM, please see the offer below;

A wide range of service level availability with proactive options to prevent issues turning into problems IBM service but backed off to Cisco which means IBM have access to cisco parts and SW updates but with IBM delivery services…. you will still call the UK support centre and we follow the same process as a normal IBM HW/SW call.

IBM also have an IBM Discovery tool for Cisco which supplies an audit of Hardware along with iOS levels that may affect network availability and performance, as well as Security exposures that could lead to outages. It can also identify devices uncovered by support and components that are approaching end of support which means you can help your customer better plan for the future.

If you want to take advantage of this November offer please request a consultation or email