Cisco Nexus 1000V – Switching in your growing VM environment

Do you have a growing VM environment and wonder how to simplify network administration and communication between VMs and hosts?

The answer you are looking for could be in the form of Cisco Systems’ powerful virtual switch, the Cisco Nexus 1000V, the software switch that integrates with the ESX server kernel. Now also supporting Hyper-V, the software switch runs Cisco IOS and you can telnet to it using the command line interface, just as you would for other Cisco hardware switches.

With some basic layer 3 functionality too, the switch is used to connect between all VM host systems and control all the physical NICs on the host systems and all the virtual switch ports on each host. With the single IOS interface, the network administrator can administer all the network interfaces on every VM server as a single network switch, with the power of traditional Cisco IOS switch features.

Recarta can assist with licensing for all processor count options, the implementation of the switch into your VM environment and also the training of your admin staff. Please call or e.mail us to allow us to understand your requirements and tailor an individual solution.

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