Cisco on TV

Cisco networking and collaboration technologies have long been featured in popular TV series and blockbuster movies where scientists, heroes and crime busters are seen using the very latest technology to create a better world or even save the world.
Fans of Jack Bauer and hit series 24, may remember how President Taylor saw a simulation of a major attack, threatening national security, via Cisco Telepresence.

Cisco IP Phones, Telepresence and digital media signage are always key features in the CSI series and Cisco video surveillance leads assassin, Ellie Bishop, to make a sinister discovery in season 2 of Heroes.

One reason Cisco appears so often in the best TV series and high-action movies, is that their technologies are literally transforming the way we all work, live and play and this transformation is only set to accelerate in the future.

Take Cisco Telepresence for instance. This collaborative technology has enabled life-like, in-person experiences to be possible between colleagues and business partners half a world away.

It’s so much more than a traditional phone call or video call in that it truly replicates the face to face contact between (multiple) people that we all know is the best way to get ideas shared and the job done.

Not only can you bring your best people together to solve problems, but you can unify your supply chain, train remote workers and provide very unique customer service!

Telepresence is helping people to save money, improve work-life balance and speed decision making, so it’s no wonder it is increasingly seen used by our favourite film and TV characters.

Watch out for a Cisco technology at a cinema near you!

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