What are the risks to your business in the event of poor application performance?

At Recarta, we specialise in creating Server and Storage environments that are scalable, risk free and deliver performance assurance. It’s why so many organisations depend on us.

Get an accurate view of your IBM Infrastructures' capability (and limitations)

Our IBM Server Stress test audit gives you an accurate view of your current application performance capability as well as efficiency recommendations.

Get a complete map of your entire Infrastructure
Identify potential performance risks
Carried out by IBM Gold Partners
Identify application performance improvements
Eliminate down time risk
Identify significant on-going cost savings
"Two words that could kill any on-line business 'Temporarily Unavailable'. Our online business has plenty of competitors waiting to pick up our customers in the event of a fail over. It's why we take application acceleration so seriously"
Download Software Defined Storage for Dummies for FREE

The Software Defined Storage For Dummies, IBM Platform Computing Edition, not only examines data storage & management challenges but also explains how software defined storage delivers an innovative solution for high-performance, cost-effective storage using IBM’s GPFS.

Control storage costs
Eliminate storage bottlenecks
Use IBM Spectrum Storage to solve storage management challenges
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Why Recarta for IBM Application Acceleration?

One of the UK’s leading IBM T2 support partners

Multi vendor accreditation & capability

History of achieving long term resilience for our clients

Over 200 satisfied customers

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