VMware Partner Exchange – PEX Tour 2012

The VMware Partner Exchange ‘It starts here.’- Wokefield Park Hotel, Reading 10th May 2012

VMware have had some amazing success in 2011 and show signs of continuing that growth further into 2012. I think the underlying factor to this success is the fantastic and wide range of virtualisation products, with great hypervisor technology that lies within the vSphere 5 virtualisation platform. Without a doubt, vSphere Essential Kits and Acceleration Kits has all the features and benefits to fit any organizations wants and needs for any virtualisation project.

VMware also realises that technology is rapidly moving forward. This being said, VMware have done a great job to continue to move with the times, ‘The Post PC era’ as VMware describes. It is becoming more and more important to provide consumers with what they want, when they want and where they want it! This is where ‘Bring your own device’ is coming more and more into play. VMware has the solution for all areas with lots of application, tools and security options to help any company’s needs.

I must add, The venue had wonderful grounds with a very attractive (and distracting!) golf course running parallel that could be easily seen from the windows of the building.

Virtualisation starts here!