MIMIX® Availability™ 7.1 End of Service Pack Delivery Reminder

As of September 29, 2015 Vision Solutions will no longer deliver new service packs for MIMIX Availability 7.1.  MIMIX, scheduled for release on September 22, 2015 will be the final service pack. CustomerCare will continue to provide assistance on a best effort basis. However, if a code change is required for an issue encountered with MIMIX 7.1, it will only be made in a currently supported version of the product.

MIMIX 7.1 customers are encouraged to upgrade to MIMIX 8.0, which was released for general availability in September 2014. For customers running on IBM i OS V5R4, please be aware that MIMIX 8.0 does not run on this operating system version.

MIMIX Availability 8.0 has many great enhancements and features available including the exportable data protection reports capability, along with wizards to easily add libraries, directories and folders to replication.

For further information, or advice on upgrading contact kris.basu@recarta.co.uk or sales@recarta.co.uk