Why IBM i Users Are Backing Data Domain…

  • IBM

IBM i servers can now support the capabilities that Data Domain storage devices can offer, including continuous disk-based backup, in-line data de-duplication, encryption, and off-site data replication facilities. Considering Data Domain’s reputation as a best-of-breed provider of data de-duplication capabilities, this is good news for large and medium-sized IBM i users that had been forced to look elsewhere for this increasingly critical functionality.

Data Domain’s devices connect to IBM i servers using Fibre Channel connections, and appear to the IBM i server as a high-speed tape library.

Data Domain lists Backup Recovery and Media Services (BRMS), the backup utility that IBM includes with the OS, as a supported backup product. IBM i save file and save library commands and Tivoli Storage Manager, which may be used by a handful of IBM i users, are also supported. Other backup utilities, such as Help/Systems Robot/SAVE, will also work with Data Domain.

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