Secure Home Working

Secure Home Working

  • IBM

Here we are in October and another Lockdown looms. By now, many organisations, have managed to iron out the pains of provisioning the needs of a workforce of homeworkers.

However, for some, concerns over security still raises its head.

Like most of the western world, Recarta’s team of consultants have, since April, been largely working from home. As an IT company, we understand the security risks that email presents. Over 90% of all IT security breaches enter via email.

As a Mimecasts Parter, we don’t just implement their solutions for our clients, we use them ourselves. Over the course of 2020 we have seen a rise in email attacks to our staff members. Old school ‘phishing’ and ‘trojan horse’ links and now joined by a rafter of other techniques; Designed to encourage recipients to click on harmful download that could lead to Ransome and malware entering an organisations IT systems. This in turn, could lead to company data leaking and being used as a way of holding a business to ransom.

Clearly, any security breach in regards to a company’s data can have a detrimental effect on a company’s reputation with its customers, employees and investors. So, it makes sense to put in place the appropriate tools to ensure everyone in an organization is spared from a malicious email. This need is highlighted further as we all continue to work from home, where security protection stands outside of an IT departments control.

If you would like to discuss your IT security concerns with an expert, please feel free to get in touch. We offer a comprehensive range of IT security services. Our team can assess your current safeguards and make recommendations based on any existing or potential risks.