Recarta announces partnership with Sovereign

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Recarta enhances mid-market outsourced service offering

Recarta, the IT infrastructure specialists,  has signed a new agreement with Sovereign that will see the specialist provider of outsourced IBM business solutions to the mid-market use Sovereign’s secure data centre as one of its primary data centres for its hosted and managed services.

Through the partnership with Sovereign, Recarta can offer its clients a cost-effective and high quality outsourced solution that is designed to remove many of its clients’ current barriers to Cloud services, including cost, skills shortages and lack of a high quality, secure data centre.

Daren Bland, Business Development Manager, Recarta, explains,

‘Recarta is a specialist in providing mid-market companies with Cloud solutions for their IBM production and disaster recovery solutions. In recent years, we have identified that many organisations are struggling to properly understand and use Cloud services, an issue that has arisen mainly due to the fact that many have their own data centres, which can frequently be sub-optimally scoped and managed.’

He continues, ‘In addition, our customers have typically not invested a lot in disaster recovery and are now realising its significance. Through this partnership with Sovereign, we are able to solve both issues at the same time.

Specialising in IBM Enterprise Solutions, Recarta’s objective is to deliver Cloud solutions for its clients’ IBM infrastructure, including IBM Power Servers, hosted in a secure, power efficient data centre. Recartas recent growth has been around supporting client IBM environments, often seen as non-strategic OS from the client’s data room. Recarta also offers hosted application and infrastructure services (IaaS) from locations using the advantages of low cost bandwidth.

Choosing the right location

The IT provider selected Sovereign for a number of reasons, the location of the data centre being outside central London but still within close proximity being key. Bland says,

‘London is too expensive, yet the data links that Sovereign has to London are very important and extremely valuable.’

Complimentary to Recarta services

In addition, both Sovereign and Recarta provide extremely complimentary services, with a large number of mid-market customers, knowledge of the IBM solution portfolio and a managed service approach. Bland continues,

‘It is a very good partnership, Sovereign goes the extra mile in its 24-hour customer service and service desk capability, something of significant differentiation in offering business critical services.’
Through the partnership, Recarta aims to further educate its clients in the benefits achievable through investing in Cloud services and present them with a compelling reason to do so.
‘Only 15% of our average client’s IT budget currently goes on hardware. The remaining 85% is spent on hosting, support and licensing services. Cloud services, when properly executed and managed, take away a lot of the problems at less cost than they could ever imagine.’

Recarta can offer a full managed service, with a 24 hour service desk and managed services.

Secure service

As part of the secure service provided by Sovereign, the data centre is monitored at all times, with restricted access and locked server racks. The servers are also located within their own managed environment, with air temperature and moisture ingress monitored and controlled, for example. Sovereign’s in-house engineers are also available 24/7 to provide a rapid response to any issues that may arise, preventing potential incursions from escalating into a disaster. Bland concludes.

‘ Sovereign provides a service which is over and above our and our clients’ expectations and has the ability to do a lot more for us than other pure data centre suppliers would ever do. Anything we ask for is sorted out straightaway, enabling us to maintain a continuous operation. Being able to provide us with such a high level of service whilst still remaining cost effective is enabling us to become even more integral to our clients’ IT strategy and a great, like-minded company to deal with.’