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Many moons ago the age of public cloud emerged as the bright new light in IT infrastructure. Greater economies of scale, more cost effective, convenient, why would you build your own? This brave new world was a way for organizations to back up their data in a secure, off site environment. For many, the prospect of using a publicly available cloud environment was never an option to consider.

Since those early days, many have seen escalating costs. The market leader by far, AWS, enjoys over 30% of the $100 billion cloud market; with Microsoft’s Azure, Alibaba Cloud & Google’s Cloud making up the majority of the entire marketplace.

These key providers have all reported staggering growth in both users and income. As the market competition increases, we are now seeing further services introduced to platforms such as advanced data analytics and reporting, all designed to keep users loyal. But as the role of public cloud becomes more embedded in IT practice and its dependence more accepted, we ask if there’s an alternative, which might just provide more security and cost less.

HPE GreenLake has identified the problems for many when it comes to public cloud platforms. Scalability is predominantly one way – usually a 12 month contract. This creates escalating costs for the end user. As 2020 has highlighted, most organizations need to focus their IT back up expenditure on provisioning for uncertain times. Traditional cloud pricing requires an infrastructure manager with a crystal ball. With Greenlake you only pay for what capacity you need and can encompass any existing public cloud environment as part of its management capability, ensuring your cloud costs are optimized daily.

Another limiter on public cloud is security; with many organizations unable to share data in a public environment. Again, HPE GreenLake addresses the issue by provide a secure, private environment with all the convenience and benefits of a public platform. This makes GreenLake an ideal platform for industries with tight data governance, such as financial services and Public sector.

Finally, HPE GreenLake can combine all your services in a single window, giving users total control and visibility across all public and private environments. Reducing admin time, increasing provisioning control.

For many, 2020 has been a year for change. As organizations seek new ways to preserve cash flow and capex, increase flexibility and reduce IT management bottlenecks; HPE GreenLake offers a new way to leverage the cloud, one that offers all the cost and convenience of public cloud and all the security and control of private cloud.

For an impartial view on the benefits of HPE GreenLake, download the IDC review here.

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