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HPE GreenLake – The Cloud You Control

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Hindsight, they say, is a wonderful thing. Ask anyone who’s inherited a cloud service. Their private cloud environment came at huge capital cost but is now looking dated in the light of compute hungry applications. Their public cloud environments continue to be scalable but the cost of provisioning and shear on-going costs, limits the services long term commercial viability. If only we knew then, what we know now.

The virtue of both public and private cloud infrastructures has been driven by an appetite for scale, security, access and cost efficiency. Ironically, it’s future will be driven by control, flexibility and overall business efficiency.

Today’s cloud environments need to break free from the limitations of the past and meet the ever changing needs of individual users. The ‘one size fits all’ public cloud is limiting for many, disparaging for most. Combine this with a history of unscalable private cloud attempts that are still trying to recover their original costs and you have a marketplace ripe for a more flexible approach to cloud that puts the end user at the heart of the solution.

HPE GreenLake is setting a new path for cloud users. Providing all the benefits of a private cloud without the capital costs. Delivering all the flexibility of a public cloud without the constraints. Ensuring users retain complete control over their data governance, security levels and provisioning control; whilst uniting all applications and data under a single operating model.

Just like pubic cloud providers, HPE GreenLake is reducing the costs of provisioning by over 40%, whilst turning IT infrastructure capital into a flexible operational costs. Its performance capability is set up to satisfy the most demanding of applications with market leading CPU’s able to cope with high demand AI driven workloads, payable only on use, ensuring any high demand spike can be catered for without the on-going overhead.

HPE GreenLake offers greater flexibility for those seeking more control over their cloud management. It’s scalability ensures a long term cloud platform that can eliminate future demand risk without the cost overhead.

If you are looking to evaluate your current cloud services, HPE GreenLake could provide a solution that can work with your legacy public cloud providers to offer a layer of control and flexibility that the current cloud market seems to be missing right now.

Who benefits from HPE GreenLake?

HPE GreenLake is initially aimed at clients that are looking to improve Operational Efficiency, Business Agility, and Financial Flexibility.

Operational Efficiency will be brought about through using the latest technology and streamlining contracts with all this wrapped around enhanced datacenter support

Business Agility is met by meeting capacity ahead of demand and being able to add time to value to the business by scaling up or down when required

Financial Flexibility will be gained by sizing the IT for the business correctly this optimising cash flow for other requirements in the business, so with this, you will have a pay per use IT solution with predictable pricing.

Customers who will benefit most from GreenLake are the ones that think their current Infrastructure and funding model is holding them back and require more accurate forecasting of IT demand.

HPE GreenLake enables the clients to preserve their capital by switching there IT spend to an OPEX model and shorten their procurement cycles so that they can get the It resources today and not in six months.

Clients that anticipate 10% or more growth year over year would benefit from a flexible model for procuring IT resources, The client may require an on-premises capacity to comply with security policies and or maintain better control over workload.

Also, customers who value operational efficiencies that allowing HPE to run there solutions and the customer paying just the right amount of capacity

  • Rapidly growing clients that anticipate a growth of 10% or more year on year
  • Require IT resources now and not in 6 months
  • Are wanting to shift the cost of IT from a CAPEX model to OPEX and preserve there cashflow
  • Clients who believe they cannot fund new IT – due to lack of funding and procurement cycle
  • HPE GreenLake is currently the best fit for clients looking to purchase HPE hardware of approx. £250,000 or more
  • Who want to achieve operational efficiencies that can be achieved with HPE running the solution and client paying for just the right amount of capacity
  • Require accurate visibility in to the demand on IT

Customers who may not benefit Some customers may not be ready for the new as-a-service solution and may have needs that align better with traditional IT procurement.

  • Clients with limited or no growth
  • Companies that infrequently refresh their hardware assets
  • Where the speed of procurement is not necessary
  • Customers that focus on price per unit rather than the business benefits such as speed, agility, and flexibility
  • Clients who want to run their assets years beyond a reasonable lifecycle
  • Clients who have no interest in Support services

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