It’s Time To See How Secure Your System Really Is

Secure Systems

IBM System i is well known for its robust architecture and security. However, today the world is full of high profile cyber attacks and security breaches at the biggest organisations, seeming to constantly make the headlines.

With all this in mind, Recarta are offering an enterprise class security scan for IBM Power Systems users from partner, HelpSystems. HelpSystems are a leading provider of services and solutions for monitoring, compliance, security, management and business intelligence on the IBM System i platform, aswell as for Unix (including IBM AIX), Linux and Windows platforms.

The security scan is simple to access and it is a PC-based software tool. When run, the software will upload a small library that is restored to the system. Client credentials are entered privately into the application. Statistics are collected such as:

    • System auditing settings, Public authority to libraries
      Exit program registration, Password policy rules
      User profile special authorities, Security system values;

This information is returned to the PC and is displayed via a graphical browser function. The application “interprets” the file into an interactive environment, making it easy to see and discuss the results.  We can help interpret the findings by providing a security advisor for up to one hour via a remote WebEx (again, at no charge). The results and any recommendations documentation are 100% yours to keep, distribute, or use in any way that you deem appropriate.

If you would like the benefit of this thorough system scan and resulting report, please contact a Recarta specialist.