Citrix Partner Accelerator Event 2012

The Citrix Partner Accelerator 2012, The National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham, 6th March 2012

Recently entering the IT industry, I have mainly been involved with server virtualisation projects with VMware, Veeam and Red Hat. I have been keen to broaden my horizon and see other parts of virtualisation. When the Citrix event popped up it was a perfect opportunity to see how Citrix view desktop virtualisation and cloud technology.

During the first half of the morning session, I listened into a presentation and was engrossed by Fraser Kyne, Senior Strategist, UK, Ireland & SA. Fraser had great presence and conviction that grabbed my attention! He truly expressed the meaning of ‘The Cloud’ and how we can help our customers achieve their goals by using the cloud.

The second half of the morning, my colleague and I were involved in a round-table session with the Citrix Team which was extremely informative and entertaining! It is cool to see lots of new and exciting innovation in new technology that’s driving the future of IT.

If you would like any information or help with any desktop virtualisation projects or plans for the future, I will be happy to assist, or you can simply request a consultation.

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