Recarta can manage the complete IT disposal process for you from logistical management and compliant data destruction to assessment for resale. We are focused on generating maximum residual value for our clients from redundant IT assets.

Our Services

  • Data destruction – onsite and offsite
  • WEEE recycling
  • Maximising residual value of redundant IT assets
  • Collection and certification

Data Destruction

Recarta offer a range of data destruction and erasure techniques to guarantee 100% data removal from devices.

Blancco Erasure Software – leading data erasure software, completely wiping storage devices to Enhanced Standard, Infosec Level 5.

Data Shredding – total destruction of storage devices to 15-25ml fragments, onsite or offsite.

Data Degaussing – for magnetic storage devices. It has the same effect as wiping but renders the device useless.

Certificates of Data Destruction/Erasure are produced for all methods.

WEEE Directive

Under the WEEE directive, businesses must do everything they can to re-use electrical equipment. This can cause a headache for large organisations where turnover of electrical assets is high. Recarta operate a policy of maximum refurbishment, re-use and recycling to ensure you are kept WEEE compliant.

Maximising Residual Value

Our consultants have over 20 years of experience and trade relationships with all the major enterprise equipment stockists. From the initial free audit they will be able to determine the approximate market value of your IT assets.

You can then consign the goods to us for resale into the market for maximum value, or you can select the upfront payment option and we will purchase your assets immediately for our stock.

If you select the consignment option, you will still own the assets until sold. We work on a commission basis for consignment sales, so we are motivated to achieve the highest possible price for you.

For more information or a full evaluation of your needs, contact one of our consultants.