Mimix DR – Providing Disaster Recovery for Small to Mid-sized IBM i customers

Last year, Vision revealed MIMIX DR and in my opinion it still remains as the most comprehensive entry-level disaster recovery solution tailored for the needs of small to medium sized businesses. Real-time replication to a backup system residing on-premises, off-site or in the Recarta Cloud ensures that mission critical data and applications are protected up to the point of failure and are always fully recoverable.

Real-time replication to a waiting backup eliminates the need for a recovery process when a disaster occurs. You simply failover and go. It also meets the widest range of compliance mandates and services level agreements by guarding against data loss. When delivered in a cloud hosted environment, MIMIX DR is perfect for organisations that want real-time disaster recovery protection, but without having to make the capital investment in a second system.

MIMIX DR builds on the more than 20-year heritage established by Vision Solutions’ MIMIX Availability, a product synonymous with high availability that scales from small businesses to large enterprises. We are finding that many small business with an IBM i running an ERP system which is fundamental to the running of their business are for the first time looking at MIMIX DR because of its high-quality, reliable protection at a price aligned with SMB budgets.

If you need any further information about Mimix DR, or any training or advice on your current Disaster Recovery set-up – then please call Recarta’s sales team on 0844 800 7821.