MIMIX Data Protection Reports

The trouble with most logical replication HA solutions is the replication patterns are static, but the business environment and therefore the applications and data are not. New data, database files and such are dynamically added or removed if the replication patterns match. But what if it is a new application or component? How can you monitor for this change and keep you logical replication design fresh, up-to-date and meet the continually evolving business environments?

In days gone by this was usually a thankless manual administrative task to be done regularly by whomever looked after your environment.

With Mimix V8 and the enhancement of Data Protection Reports, Vision once again invoke the ‘easy’ button. Administrators can now set DPR to run regularly to identify components that are not currently protected and indeed go further by invoking a wizard to configure new items if needs be.

All of which is handled with Vision Solution Portal – Vision’s frontline GUI. It’s all point and click and select without a green screen, function key or command in sight.

Mimix V8 changes redefines the administration tasks and really does make it like pushing the easy button.

Watch MIMIX DPR v8 Video here