Symantec Vs Veeam – Virtualisation Backups

Veeam or Symantec??? Which one is the way forward???

The biggest topic for a backup solution for virtualised environments at the moment is between Veeam and Symantec. Both products are great in their own right, but in my opinion, fundamentally perform in different arenas.

It is vitally important to distinguish what kind of backup you want to perform. Virtualisation backups are fundamentally different to physical backups and vice-versa! Therefore, it is important to use the right tool for the job.

Symantec has been the most popular and favourite solution for physical backups for several years. BUT, as technology changes and trends move towards virtualised environments, a virtual environment backup solution is needed! Yes, Symantec does back up a virtual environment but this is where I believe Veeam comes into its own! Veeam Backup and Replication, is the fastest, most reliable and cost effective virtual backup solution in the market today.

The majority of companies I am working with now favour the operational benefits of the disk-to-disk backup process that Veeam offers, rather than the traditional disk-to-tape solution of Symantec. Understandably, a small number of companies will still need a tape solution, and are discovering that applying a hybrid approach is very cost-effective and user friendly, with maximum results.

Save some cash—- Veeam are offering up to 30% off competitive swap out promotion for switching from any legacy backup solution to Veeam.

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How do you backup your Virtualised environment? I would love to hear.