IBM Support Telephone Numbers

In June 2014 IBM changed the Hardware and Software Support telephone number from 08705 to 0370.

The new numbers are stable and can be used immediately. They are as follows:

Hardware 08705 500 900 has a new number of 03705 500 900

Software 0870 010 1952 has a new number of 0370 010 1952

Please be reassured that the old numbers will not be sunset until the volume of calls to them are very low. At that time, very clear instructions will be left on the sunset line in regard to how to contact IBM.

IBM have held the 0870 numbers for many years and transition from them will take many months, IBM will not jeopardise your ability to place calls with this change. The net result is a reduced cost option for seeking IBM service.

If you are finding it difficult to contact IBM on the old or new telephone numbers please contact me by email on or call me on 01306 646669.