IBM Enhanced Technical Support (ETS)

For organisations dependent on critical IT systems, assessing and engaging with the best technical support provider is a delicate balance between the needs of the business, the budget available and the service levels on offer. You need an IT infrastructure you can rely on, but trying to manage multi-product and multi-vendor environments is a major challenge.

In a critical situation, IT downtime can cost your business dearly.

Enhanced Technical Support bridges the gap between hardware and software support, providing you with a dedicated IBM account advocate who works for you and your IT systems availability. Proactive monitoring of your system allows your account advocate to pre-empt and resolve potential problems before they arise, saving you from system downtime and any associated costs and revenue loss.

The resilience of your infrastructure is paramount. It is therefore crucial to find a technology provider and business partner who will help you to pre-empt problems proactively, allowing you to concentrate on your core business processes.

Highlights of ETS:

  • Dedicated IBM account advocate
  • 30-minute rapid response to severity 1 problems
  • Scheduled outage support, making sure IBM technical teams are aware of your scheduled changes
  • Monthly reports with pro-active system information and support activity specific to your needs
  • Seamless problem determination of your problem Hardware or Software
  • Problem isolation assistance on multi-platforms or multiple IT environments.

For more information or to obtain a quote to add this service to your existing IBM hardware and software support package – Call our IBM Support Team on 0844 800 7821 or email