IBM SAN Storage cost saving tips and suggestions

DS4000 to DS5000 upgrade, a cost saving idea

If you are using older, IBM DS4000 series SAN storage, you have the easy option to install a new, faster, 3 year warrantied IBM DS5000 series bare chassis and then transfer your existing disk drives from the DS4000 to the DS5000. All your existing disks will then automatically inherit the warranty from the new DS5000 chassis. This could be a more prudent investment than simply spending money on extending your DS4000 warranty after the 3 year warranty expires or renewing for a further year. The migrated disks will also retain all their data and array information. This very low risk migration can be achieved in a matter of hours, plus there is no lengthy requirement to copy or migrate data or rebuild the RAID arrays. A number of clients have already taken advantage of this option.


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