RSA Software Tokens

  • RSA

We are finding that a number of customers are adopting the RSA SecureID software tokens as a change to hardware tokens.

Software tokens use the same algorithm as hardware tokens while elimating the need for users to carry dedicated hardware devices.

Some advantages to transfer to Software Tokens;

  • Transforms devices users already own and carry, into SecurID Tokens.
  • Reduces frequency of lost or forgotten Tokens.
  • Eliminates the “Token necklace” problem.
  • Removes hurdle of end user acceptance of two factor authentication.
  • Simplifies deployment process.
  • Decreases support calls for lost or forgotten tokens.
  • Expand string authentication to applications accessed by partners & customers.
  • Provides an easy & convenient mass deployment option.
  • Around 20% cheaper than Hard Tokens as no hardware involved.

More information can be found here;!

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