RSA Authentication Manager 6.1 End of Sale

  • RSA

RSA Authentication Manager 6.1 will no longer be available to purchase after 30th November 2012. Any new licences generated after this date will be for Authentication Manager 7.1.

Customers using version 6.1 will not be impacted and customers can still download version 6.1 through RSA SecurCare Online (SCOL). Existing 6.1 users can still place a new order for license expansions or upgrades. Also, this does not affect support plans for 6.1 that can be found here:

Brand new Authentication Manager customers therefore will be purchasing version 7.1 after 30th November. With improved functionality, it is definitely worth looking at, both for existing users on previous versions and for those thinking about a two-factor authentication solution.

Please contact me for more information on the benefits of moving to or implementing RSA Authentication Manager 7.1.