Mimix Availability 7.1 – New ‘Review & Action’ Feature!

MIMIX Lights Out Monitoring

Even IT staff have to sleep sometime ….

Did you know…Lights Out Unattended Monitoring is now available for MIMIX Availability?

Admittedly, I have been implementing HA solutions for IBM iSeries hosts for a number of years now. During this time, I have noticed a common reoccurance with a variety of customers while carrying out installations. HA is (ironically)..Boring! Well, until there is something to do at least. If only there was a feature or utility that alerts me when there is something interesting to review and action!? Well there is now!

Introducing new functionality within MIMIX, the Vision Solutions Portal (VSP) gives users the ability to subscribe to selected MIMIX events, thus being alerted via email. A variety of events that require administrative attention are available for subscription: an unauthorised change to data on the target system, a failed object audit that cannot be repaired, loss of communication with the primary server, and more. These event subscriptions give you peace of mind by monitoring your HA environment 24×7 and notifying you when issues require your attention.

Vision Solutions Portal Service Pack (VSP) includes the subscriptions page within the “Home” folder. Portlets on this page allow you to create and manage subscriptions, select their subscribed events, and view the history of VSP notifications. The MIMIX Portal Application for MIMIX Availability 7.1 Service Pack 05 or higher supports subscriptions.


For further information around MIMIX Availability please email the sales team at sales@recarta.co.uk