What Makes IBM LTO Cartridges Best for IBM Hardware?

  • IBM

Because IBM develops its own technology you can be sure the tape is a “perfect match” to the hardware.

All IBM drives are designed and carefully manufactured to a specific design point within the established, broader specification range of the tape drive. IBM Media is manufactured to this same specific design point. This optimised or “tuned” drive & media combination provide the best possible performance, reliability & compatibility so the user can be sure when they need their tape the most it will work. Only IBM tape media is specifically tuned to match IBM tape drives, especially important for LTO – ensuring reliability and durability both in use and in subsequent storage, protecting your valuable data.

As an authorised IBM Tape Reseller we obtain huge discounts on the full range of tape media and cleaning cartridges – whatever your current tape – be it 3570, 3590, 3592 & LTO2 to LTO6, we can supply with barcode labels at competitive prices.

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