Fresche RPG To PHP Announcement

Transform RPG to PHP to create modern, Scalable Applications on IBMi

  • IBM

This week, Fresche announced that we have broadened the scope and adaptability of our automated solutions to transform RPG to PHP, producing high quality, modern and scalable applications.

Over the past few years, Fresche has made significant investment in developing the next generation of smart automated solutions that are offered in incremental delivery models and flexible financial models. These solutions provide a high level of automation and include services to ensure successful implementation.

Our transformation solutions are developed to be scalable and adaptable to support multiple languages. We currently transform the two biggest demands we’ve seen to date (RPG to PHP or Java and Synon to Java), but we’re seeing a growing interest in other source and target languages. PHP is a leading open source choice for IBM i clients because it has a proven ecosystem and is an accessible language for creating quality, maintainable code using existing RPG developers or PHP developers, even if they don’t have IBM i experience.

The addition of RPG to PHP gives companies another option to increase competitive advantage while addressing inherent challenges with readily available skills, resources and difficult to maintain legacy applications. Additionally, a pre-conversion application assessment provides a comprehensive forensic analysis of your entire system using our X-Analysis Suite. This provides an understanding of the applications and business rules as well as opportunities for consolidation. We also provide automated testing capabilities covering everything from the database to the UI. Combined, these solutions deliver modernised applications at a lower cost and with less risk than rewriting or replacing while building on the investment in the client’s customised systems.

You can find further details on our website. I also invite you to join Fresche’s Nick Hampson and Chris Koppe for a special webinar on Thursday, 24 September at 14:00 CEST (12:00 GMT). They will demonstrate Fresche’s transformation solutions and cover the various stages of a transformation project, from building your strategy to implementation and beyond.