TOP 4 Facts about IBM POWER8 Systems

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As the needs of businesses grow, in some cases x86 is reaching its limits for large volumes of data. IBM POWER8 running Linux on Power provides the superior building block, not only for price/performance, but also for its scalability.

The TOP 4 things you should know about the new IBM Power Systems Announcement

  1. IBM are delivering record-breaking performance in the new generation of POWER8-based enterprise systems up to two times faster per core versus Intel.
  2. Analytics workloads that extract patterns from big data can experience eight times faster performance than Intel Xeon with the new Power S824L scale-out system.
  3. One Power Systems server can now do the work of 24 separate Intel technology-based servers with the new IBM Data Engine for NoSQL – Power Systems Edition solution. It crunches data faster and shrinks data-centre footprints.
  4. You can use three times less storage infrastructure for Hadoop deployments than a typical Intel-Xeon-based solution with the IBM Data Engine for Analytics – Power Systems Edition