The Importance of Disaster Recovery for Small to Mid-sized Businesses

  • IBM

It is a fact – that SMBs are typically less prepared to deal with a computer failure than large corporations. According to a Gartner report, SMB management is not typically focused on what might be viewed as “hypothetical disaster scenarios.” After all, the people who run small to mid-sized businesses usually have a lot on their plate.

One thing is for sure, the stakes are a lot higher than they were even just a few years ago. At one time, small to mid-sized businesses used computers for accounting and word processing. Today, their entire application suites are integrated and handle every essential facet of business.

Not only have the risks changed, the culture of doing business has also changed. New factors that increase the impact of lost data include the exponential growth of critical data generated every day, customer expectations that services resume rapidly after a business disruption and the increasing need to access data around the clock.

Let’s face it; while magnetic tape allows you to store large volumes of information at relatively low cost, it does have shortcomings, particularly in light of today’s requirements for data access. Those who rely on magnetic tape for disaster recovery often spend hours or sometimes days preparing for recovery – retrieving tapes from the safe or off-site and obtaining a server on which to restore the data. Another shortcoming with tape backup is that you can only restore data to the point of the last good backup, which was most likely the night before; any data created since the last good backup will be lost.

No wonder we are working with more clients than ever on providing a hosted disaster recovery solution. These smaller IBM i clients need similar levels of protection against data loss but the associated costs need to realistic. Call our sales team on 0844 800 7821 to find out more about Mimix DR and our hosted target systems.