Support your Home workers with HPE VDI

Last year the CIPD survey outlined how home worker rates were set to rise to 37% as a long term effect of the pandemic. 

These new working conditions, not only bring about significant changes in the way we work but also, how we work. With breaches in data security also on the rise, should organizations be looking at ways in which they support their home working staff, to ensure their security and productivity? 

Back up essentials 

Most organizations understand the importance of their digital reputation. If you experience downtime you need to get back up ASAP. Loss of access into a remote work force is no longer an option. HPE’s storage stack includes dHCI & SimpliVity. Both solutions offer great value for money and can be managed, alongside your legacy cloud etstate, under a single controller with their GreenLake interface. 

VDI access 

VDI offers a secure and resilient way for your home workers to remain securely connected to your business-critical applications whilst enjoying enterprise level resilience and speed.

To meet the most urgent of needs, HPE has preconfigured, ready to go VDI solutions in stock and available immediately. Designed for Citrix, VMware and Microsoft RDS environments and built on HPE ProLiant servers, these HPE solutions are ideal to rapidly support small teams but scale out to support hundreds of knowledge workers, scaling one server at a time to exactly match your needs.

For remote workplaces of 600 or more knowledge workers, HPE has VDI solutions built on the versatile HPE Synergy. Architected to accommodate dynamic resource loads, HPE Synergy quickly and easily composes compute, storage and fabric resources through a single user interface to optimize configurations for vital workloads on VDI. This accelerates the speed of business, reduces operational complexity and keeps your workforce operating at optimal levels.

Beware cyber crime 

This pandemic has highlighted several issues around home worker security. We have seen a number of data breaches from disgruntled employees as well as seeing cyber-attacks increase. The majority of these attacks are carried out by innocent looking emails that manage to get in without the end user even knowing. Protect your home workers with email filtering tools such as Mimecast.

Recarta is Cyber Essentials Plus certified. This means we offer best practice when it comes to all thing’s security. Combine this with our ISO 2700 accreditation and you can be assured that any data is handles with the highest levels of protection.

If you are responsible for supporting IT for Home workers, talk to us about how HPE VDI can help.

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