Service Extension for IBM 5.4

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Once Service Extension 5.4 ends; there’s benefit to having Software Maintenance.

SWMA is (a) subscription and (b) support. Once a product VRM goes EOS it’s only the support element that drops out. The subscription benefits remain.

Benefits of Subscription

Subscription is the most cost-effective way for customers’ businesses to ensure that their users have the latest technology of the most-current releases.

  • Subscription lowers customer’s cost of acquiring new releases by providing authorization to use all new releases and versions of offering products while still under Software Subscription and Support— helping to increase and maintain the highest levels of productivity.
  • Customers can upgrade at their leisure, conveniently downloading new software from the Web— making it easy for customers to choose the best time to upgrade based on their business needs.
  • Software Subscription and Support provides free access to the latest releases of IBM software, eliminating the cost of acquiring new licenses and enabling your organization to budget accordingly and protect their business investments.

The subscription is also the entitlement to download maintenance. As per the messages on the front page of FixCentral.

  • Code for operating systems or other software products is available only where entitled under the applicable software warranty, IBM software maintenance or Software Subscription and Support agreement. Some exceptions may apply.

If they let their subscription lapse, then they will lose all of the subscription benefits described above plus others benefits that will be defined in the SWMA terms and conditions. They also risk an after license charge if they want to reinstate SWMA in order to upgrade that can add up to be a significant cost.


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