Renting IBM POWER Systems and Network Equipment

  • IBM

Recarta have always been able to tailor rental terms for our customers on the infrastructure that we supply. With a focus on IBM POWER Systems and System x on the server side, all IBM storage and Cisco Systems and Juniper on the networking side, Recarta can provide rental solutions from 1 week to a year and more.

This flexibility has proved invaluable to our clients time and again. There are many reasons for choosing a rental option over outright purchase.

Often it is because equipment is required for a short period of time and full purchase is therefore not justified. This is often true at times of peak workload where there is a temporary requirement for additional capacity and/or physical upgrade. For example, the Christmas period in the retail sector.

One very common reason to rent is to conserve cashflow. A rental uses opex rather than capex and so equipment can be set off against tax too.

Some of the reasons to rent equipment, cited by our customers recently include the following:

  • Client purchasing procedure proving difficult/budget constraints
  • Testing away from live environment
  • Interim solution at times of long delivery lead times
  • Short term capacity increase
  • Relocations/Migrations
  • Events or training
  • Contingency during major change
  • Conserving cashflow (opex rather than capex)

Complete configurations can be built to order for a rental term or alternatively, simply parts and features can be provided to facilitate an upgrade. Recarta provide full professional services for implementation too, if required.