Recarta Partners with Versity

  • IBM

Recarta are excited to announce we have partnered with Versity – one of the fastest growing data archiving companies in the US. Recarta are now a signed up UK Reseller of their software and services and are looking to working with our infrastructure vendors to provide effective data archiving solutions on premise or in the cloud.

Versity is a well-known and respected US based software solution company with a leading data archive product, Versity Storage Manager. The existing product VSM1 has been established since 2013 and is seen as a replacement in the marketplace for Oracle HSM as they were authored by the same technical architects. Their latest product VSM2, Scout, is an evolution bringing new function and capabilities to the product.

Data archiving gets more relevant as the growth in data, especially unstructured data, is growing exponentially. The Versity solutions save money by reducing the need for expensive storage, reducing the size of backups and making use of the lowest cost media all without losing fast online access to the data. It works by leaving a small metadata tag in the place of the file which is then archived to tape or the cloud. The archive is safe and secure and still available. The solution is software only and vendor agnostic so should be applicable to any client with large datasets.

Their customers range from Banks (Commerzbank), technology companies (Yahoo) and academic institutions (Caltech). Recarta is involved with them in the UK at The National Archives. The Versity solution is most relevant to clients with a multi PB storage environment.

More information can be found here.