Recarta Christmas Party goes to Barcelona

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Carlsberg don’t do Christmas parties but if they did they would probably look like a Recarta doo. This year, our intrepid team, took to the skies to land at Barcelona in time for the Christmas markets, Paella making and the Catalan separatist riots.

An early start saw the team land just as Barcelona was getting to work. After a brief bag drop off the team gathered to explore the excitement of the famous Barca food markets; gaining the opportunity to taste some of the many tapas and core ingredients that make up the famous Catalan menu.

Next, off to make Paella with Chef Alex and his team. The Recarta gang paired up for the Spanish version of ‘Can’t cook, won’t cook’. Paella is a curious dish; it seems anything can go in, including sea food, pork or chicken. After 15 min in the oven, the results where consumed by the trainee chefs who all agreed that Jon and Alan’s interpretation of the classic dish offered a new benchmark for Paella makers the world over.

After a quick craft ale (or 2), the Recarta family re grouped for a splendid tapas dinner, sampling some of the regions best jamon, grenache and Catalan wines.

Before we knew it the team found themselves in a Salsa bar where the live music helped lift the spirits of those who where experiencing ‘Jet lag’. Two more bars later and the numbers dwindled to the hardcore team of Daren, Sarah, Alan, Jack, Toby and Dylan who found themselves finally returning to Hotel Colon at 3am. Good work all and a very Merry Christmas.