IBM Power10 Launch

Power10 – IBMs Enterprise flagship lands

  • IBM

The IBM Power range has a long history of being the dependable host for leading business applications that simply must not, ever, even consider going down. Its reputation for market leading resilience and security has given it a preference amongst CTO’s with a reputation for stability without compromise.

This month saw the launch of the long awaited IBM Power10.

Power10 looks to carry on the tradition of security and resilience but also provides some interesting new features which could add up to a good time to upgrade from a legacy box.

Let’s be honest. The enterprise has changed beyond recognition over the last 24 months. There are new demands on the IT department. The need to adapt and scale, support supply chains, ensure services can resume in a remote working work. Add this to an ever growing list of highly demanding core applications with AI needs, increasing storage requirements and an explosion of security treats and…well you get the picture. Legacy hardware just can’t compete.

More than this is the revolutionary Power processor. Built in a 7nm factor that HAL 9000 could only dream of. The net result? Less power consumption, greater efficency, olympic style performance and the sort of resilience a submarine designer would wish for.

Power10 is build with agility in mind. Its use of Red Hat ‘Open shift’ and automation tools ensures seamless management across hybrid clod environments, resulting in greater efficiency. Its end to end post-quantum encryption ensures the highest levels of security are standardized across all environments.  Power10’s enhanced in-core AI interfacing underpins secure data extracts, eliminating the risks traditionally associated with data movement

For many, the pressure to keep legacy IBM hardware is intense, however, as the demand for large organizations to remain secure and agile grows, Power10 could offer a very strong business case to upgrade. If the business is looking to improve its sustainability credentials, resilience measures and security asurance, Power10 could offer something nothing else can.

If you would like to discuss pricing options or get a more technical overview on its features please contact your account manager today for more information.