Power Linux – the figures speak for themselves

  • IBM

From what we are seeing first-hand – the latest Linux on Power Servers can help companies control costs, work efficiently and meet service-level agreements. If you are looking to add infrastructure into your environment over the next few months you should stop to think whether a Power System may be the answer to increase performance and reduce costs.

Power Systems run industry-standard Linux. This exploits the advanced hardware and software capabilities of POWER8 technology, providing economic advantages that scale as a business grows.

Upgrading to Power Linux servers has helped companies to reduce leasing costs by up to 50% and set up new environments up to 80% faster. Recarta’s Power and RedHat history stretches back many years.

During September there are special offers that you can take advantage of – please speak to our experienced sales team on 0844 800 7821 to find out more, or email sales@recarta.co.uk