Office 365 User Get Secure

Office 365 User? Get Secure

  • IBM

Its long been known that, by far, the biggest entry point for cyber attacks is via email. What’s less known is how Microsoft Office 365 is also a conduit for cyber criminality.

For some time Recarta have been working with Cyber Crime experts CyberFit to ensure all their clients are made aware of all threats and can take adequate precautions. Cyber Fit are small group of cyber crime experts. Their impartial view on emerging threats ensures the right combination of technology and acumen are applied to provide continuous protection or organisations and their use of IT.

To help our clients, we have teamed with CyberFit to provide a webinar highlighting exactly what threats Office 365 users should be aware of and what actions should be taken to ensure continuous protection.

If you are responsible for your Office 365 platform, this promises to be a valuable insight into the current security weaknesses. We’ll also point out what steps can be taken to avoid reputational damage that any attack could cause. We’ll highlight what monitoring and alert tools are available to ensure you remain in control.

If you would like to join us, please contact your account manager to find out more information.