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Multi Vendor Support Reduces Costs & Headaches

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Multi Vendor Support has been around for a while now, but who’s benefiting from it, and why are they doing it?

What are the key benefits of MVS from IBM?

Not so long ago IT support managers had the unenviable task of managing multiple support contracts for different vendors. To add to the complication, global organisations often had to manage individual country contracts in addition to global ones, all running with different, SLA’s, brought at different rates and ending at different times. Both professional purchasing managers and those responsible for providing a consistent support service had head aches. Often.

Unifying all vendor support under a single support contract clearly comes with come benefits for the global and multisite end user. In this article we discuss just some of those benefits.

Aggregate to avoid the agro

Managing multiple support accounts from multiple vendors across multiple sites can be complex. Typically this style of support contract management involves global & country managers with no guarantee of uniformity of buying rates or dates. Increasing concern over the ability for global organisations to leverage their buying power and the consistency of service from a support and product version perspective.

Multi vendor support clearly aggregates multiple vendors under a single contractual view, ensuring that purchase dates and rates are unified across an orgaisation. Reducing administration time often associated with management and purchasing.

Big is beautiful

Who doesn’t want the assurance of working with a big international business like IBM? Given that the tech sector remains the sector with the most M&A activity, at leased your support contract can be consistent whilst your vendors get acquired.

Consistency of support

End user demand consistency of service, just as those responsible for providing it demand SLA’s that reflect this style of support demand. Todays’ IT environments typically involve more than 1 vendor in more than 1 country on more that 1 site. This web of service inevitably provides inconsistencies of both service and support. Given a single support contract has the ability to unify all vendors under a single SLA, contract term and rate, it clearly negates the inconsistencies often associated with managing multiple support contracts.

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