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Join us as we discuss the benefits of Storage as a service.

  • IBM

We live in an age of ‘Big Data’, where the costs of data storage is ever increasing. Whether you have on premises, data center or hybrid environments to manage, the cost of storage hardware is ever increasing.

As one of the UK’s leading independent infrastructure consultants we are constantly looking at ways our clients can improve storage performance and maximize cost of ownership. One emerging approach is to adopt Storage as a Service. Whilst the Infrastructure as a service subscription model has been around for a while, few storage vendors have been able to provide a service that can wrap around the individual needs of a client.

Pure Storage is changing that.

On the 27th January we will be joined by Pure Storage to discuss how Storage as a Service is benefiting many organizations by managing their increasing storage requirements, whilst improving security and resilience.

We’ll be joined by expert speakers as they share their experience in reducing storage costs and improving back up and DR performance through this emerging approach.

If you are responsible for an organizations on-going data storage, this session promises to provide insight from those who have adopted & implemented the platform. A real ‘Must’ for any system administrator looking at emerging technologies that promise to reduce escalating data Storage costs, whether on premises, hybrid or in a data centre.

Join us on the 27th January at 12.00pm. Places are limited, so book your seat on the link below.